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Starting a Business

Develop a Business Plan

Properly articulating your milestones, resource constraints and end-game gives investors something tangible to support.

We can help you write your business plan so that it is a realistic, practical roadmap and contains the strategic, financial and market information investors, lenders and other stakeholders want to see before they will support you in realising your vision.

Get Help

We can help you put together, manage and control the costs of the team whose help you will need to get your business off the ground, which may involve accountants, auditors, grants experts and regulatory advisors used to working together as a team.

Set up your company

We detail your options (sole trader, company, trust, incorporated associations, NFPs, DGRs) and advise on the advantages, limitations and responsibilities that accompany the choice of legal structure that will operate your business.

Decide Owner’s Rights

We help you figure out who can do what to whom and when, then document these rights
and obligations in the form of a shareholders agreement, partnership agreement, joint venture agreement and that sort of thing.

Set up operations

We advise on commercial and retail leases and amendments to make them more tenant
friendly, then put in place employment contracts, governance policies, import/export licenses and procurement procedures.

Set up your website

We can help get your website up and running first by settling the agreement with your developer, arranging copyright clearances with content providers, by drafting privacy and terms of use for the site, advising on import/export issues and helping with other traps.