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One Way to Deal with Counterfeit Products

One Way to Deal with Counterfeit Products

One way of dealing with any kind of problem is to do something about it. Alternatively, you can sit idly by as the people who make counterfeit products and unauthorised sales effectively steal from your business.

Approached in a systematic way, many companies control their sales channels and are able to keep their markets clear of fakes without breaking the bank. Typically, the initial costs are those that involved in drafting a Federal Court enforcement proceeding (and the Court fees), then using any recovered proceeds from such proceedings (damages or accounts of profits) to fund follow on enforcement cases against other counterfeiters.

If your products are counterfeit problem, get a preliminary assessment of your situation, on a no-obligation basis, and what we can do to help. And how much.

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Your Head Office:

Your manufacturing base, e.g. China, Indonesia:

The product/s being counterfeited:

The RRP/RRP’s of the products in question:

Your authorised reseller network in the Australia:

Example of on line resellers you believe are selling counterfeits of your product:

Approx product turnover in Australia for the last financial year (FY):

Approx target product turnover for this FY and next FY:

  • 15 Oct, 2013
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