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Exit Strategies

Selling a Business

We advise on the issues that go with a decision to sell, we help prepare your business for sale by documenting, systemising and preparing information statements, we show you how to make yourself redundant.

Selling a Franchise

We advise on the restrictive chute you are sent down when selling a franchise by the franchise agreement and the Franchising Code of Conduct as well as some practical steps to take to do so from a position of strength.

Valuation Basics

We advise on valuation models (we were chosen as Mid-Market Patent Valuation Law Firm of the Year in Australia 2013 by Corporate Intl Magazine) and work with your corporate advisors and accountants to build up a picture of the right price for your business.

Structuring the Deal

We help you structure the deal and advise on your options such as whether minority, majority of full ownership is your plan, tranched payments, payments by the issue of shares, share purchases or asset purchases. We work with your bean counters to optimise the exit down the track.

Succession Planning

We advise on strategies for you to exit or enter a continuing business whether family, employees or outsiders are involved.

Winding up a Business

We advise on winding ups and closing downs and guide clients through the intricacies of dissolving partnerships , dealing with employees, leases, the corporate watchdog, the tax office and insolvency proceedings.