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Dispute Resolution


We use litigation as a business tool (much like corporate finance or tax planning). We listen to develop an early understanding of the issues raised, act quickly to establish the correctness of your position, give you straight talk without jargon and options you can quickly act on.

Our Approach

Our approach is to signal that we are prepared to go to trial then use the strategic, tactical and legal tools at our disposal to encourage the other side to resolve the matter as promptly and economically as possible on sound business grounds. We have defeated numerous much larger and better resourced firms by being correct and well prepared.

Our Expertise

The firm has expertise in many niche areas including banking litigation, insurance disputes, insolvency litigation, IP litigation, property actions, defamation issues, building & construction matters, aviation claims, shareholder and company law disputes as well as many other areas of general commercial litigation.

In addition to acting for domestic clients we also act for various international clients whom we guide through the Australian legal process.