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16 Sep2014

Do not miss Biotech Bootcamp 2014

Join commercialisation experts Nick Weston and Viktoriia Hristova at a one-day seminar on Wednesday 22 October that will provide non-science professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and others new to biotech with an understanding of the fundamental science, technology, regulatory and commercial environments driving the global biotechnology sectors. The course covers the key language, science, and business elements
01 Sep2014

King rings a bell but never heard of Queen

Nicholas Weston Lawyers client, promoter Abstract Entertainment, is currently touring tribute act ELVIS TO THE MAX starring the world’s first and most-successful Elvis impersonator Max Pellicano. Max recreates the looks, moves, vocal style, and humour so accurately you would swear “The King” himself is in the building. Shot some video with a BlackBerry at Crown Palms, Melbourne, Australia
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